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World Mental Health Day

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Mental health affects everyone in some form or another – just as the body can suffer from any number of maladies, from a cold to cancer, so can the brain. We all have brains, so we all have mental health. Many of us suffer from anxiety or depression and most of us will be close to someone else who does. We all know people who exhibit compulsive behaviour. And these conditions only scratch the surface of what people are living with.
Yet, despite this, mental health sufferers still face a great deal of stigma. How many times do we hear ‘snap out of it’ or ‘why are they always so miserable?’

World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October every year and aims to challenge the detrimental attitude that many people still have towards mental health, a major barrier to sufferers getting the help they need. It is estimated that only a quarter of the one in four adults and one in ten children suffering from a mental health condition in the UK receive ongoing treatment.

Despite these figures, there does seem to be a change in perception towards mental health with more and more people, including a number of high profile personalities, speaking out about their experiences and the need for change. This can only be a good thing and a positive step towards eradicating stigma.

The theme of World Mental Health Day 2017 is ‘mental health in the workplace’. So much of our adult life is spent in the workplace and our lives are so influenced by what goes on in work that proper care and support is as vital to the employer as it is to the employee.

At Vetro Recruitment, we think it’s incredibly important to support staff in every aspect of their wellbeing. We work closely with our clients to match the perfect candidate to each role, as well as making sure that these candidates are provided the proper support in their roles. Whether support is needed for a physical condition or a mental condition, it is vital to ensure that the high standards our clients set themselves remain high.

There are also many opportunities in South Wales for Nurses and Support Workers who’d like to work in the mental health field. Vetro Recruitment could help you find your perfect placement, so contact us today at enquiries@vrecruitment.co.uk or 02921 660 880 to see how we can help you.