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Don’t Stop Me Now: 60+ and still passionate about teaching?

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Alastair Tulloch retired teachers


Don’t Stop Me Now: 60+ and still passionate about teaching?

Retired teachers...... come and support schools in South Wales with some agency work.

We’ve recently talked on this blog about how rewarding teaching is and the immeasurable influence a teacher will have on every one of their students’ lives. It’s rarely a profession that allows people to merely dip in. Rather it’s one that consumes those who choose it as a career.

So is it any wonder that when it comes to retirement, it can be difficult to let go?
After all, it often isn’t easy to let go of what you are passionate about and teaching is one of those careers that requires a lot of passion and a lot of commitment to succeed.

If you still have that fire burning for teaching, still know that you can positively influence the lives and careers of your students and are not ready to call it a day, Vetro Education is on hand to help you get back into the profession you love. Registering with Vetro is free, so there really is nothing to lose. You can gauge the water whilst deciding the best course of action for you.

Just because you’ve reached the magical age of 65, it doesn’t mean that now is the right time for you to retire, or perhaps you’ve tried retirement and it really isn’t for you.

Traditional ideas of retirement are changing year on year and whether financial dependencies dictate that you continue to work or improved health into later life means that it can be delayed, there are plenty of teaching opportunities to explore into retirement age.

Our children deserve the best education we can provide and our schools are crying out for good quality teachers who can bring their wealth of experience to the pupils of today.

Our mission is to provide a clear and transparent recruitment service to the education sector. Our Teachers and Teaching Assistants receive fair pay and our schools get a specialist service that provides value for money through the supply of quality, compliant teaching staff. 

Our recruitment team is made up of individuals that have worked within the education sector.  Having previously worked as Teachers and Teaching Assistants, we truly understand the sector and the demands of the roles we recruit for.

We work with Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, SEN Schools (special educational needs) and FE (further education) provisions within South Wales. Whether you are looking for day-to-day, short term or long term work we can support you in finding your next role.
Have a look at our live jobs or give the team a call on 02921 660880.