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Just the job! A career as a Teacher

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Just the job! A career as a Teacher

Is there a profession that has a more direct influence on a person’s life than a teacher? They certainly have a strong case. The responsibility that teachers take on at any level is immeasurable, shaping the lives of children of all backgrounds, abilities and expectations. It could be argued that it’s the most difficult job in the world. Something that few would argue against, however, is that teaching can also be the most rewarding.

It takes a special kind of person to dedicate their life to preparing our children for their future and, therefore, society’s future as a whole. But then, it’s for this very reason that our children deserve special people. Those that are far more than glorified babysitters, that will be the best possible role models, those with the ability to grow minds and feed the imagination.

Teaching has moved into a new era, one that focuses on creativity and innovation. Teaching looks to engage children more than ever, because they have more opportunities than ever before, and because there are also more distractions that act as barriers to learning than ever before. Guidance has never been more important.

Whether you are looking for your first teaching job or are moving on to new things, finding the right role in the right school for you is important in determining how happy you will be, as well as how you develop in your profession. Different people have different factors that drive them. For some, it could be to provide the most disadvantaged students a creative outlet and allow them to realise their potential. Perhaps others would prefer to push gifted students to meet and exceed expectations. 

No matter what your aspirations, Vetro Education will work with you to find your perfect placement. All our recruitment consultants have worked within the teaching profession, so we understand the challenges teachers and teaching assistants face every day. We believe that this helps our consultants gain a deeper understanding of what our schools and workers want and can support them to achieve it.

Above all, we share your passion for growing our children and allowing them to become the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Our mission is to provide a clear and transparent recruitment service to the education sector. Our Teachers and Teaching Assistants receive fair pay and our schools get a specialist service that provides value for money through the supply of quality, compliant teaching staff. 

Our recruitment team is made up of individuals that have worked within the education sector.  Having previously worked as Teachers and Teaching Assistants, we truly understand the sector and the demands of the roles we recruit for.

We work with Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, SEN Schools (special educational needs) and FE (further education) provisions within South Wales. Whether you are looking for day-to-day, short term or long term work we can support you in finding your next role.
Have a look at our live jobs or give the team a call on 02921 660880.