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My experience: What is it like being a Teaching Assistant on supply?

A Great Teaching Assistand Card

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My experience: What is it like being a Teaching Assistant on supply? 

Ok, so I finished University with a 2:1 in Applied Psychology and I thought ‘yes, I can finally get into the big wide world of work’. Everyone kept telling me that I would miss all the assignments and the whole ‘university experience’ but I couldn’t wait to finish after three long years of assignments, tests and constant worrying about passing.

So in the summer of 2015 I graduated and applied for jobs, little did I know that the current job sector is tough and to be brutally honest I did consider going back to university to complete my Masters in Special Educational Needs (yes, I was kind of missing it).

A few months down the line I was still struggling with finding a job that related to my degree, I had my friends and family saying to me to join an agency but the whole agency experience didn’t really appeal to me and I was very reluctant to join one. However, a few weeks later I was still in the same situation so I bit the bullet and joined an agency on supply. I found myself working across SEN establishments and Nurture bases within schools and if I’m going to be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t sign up with an agency in the first place. I loved working in education and I loved that I was on supply, I found myself in a long-term position which was great as I wanted the continuity of working with pupils that you get to know and build up a bond with.

Therefore, I would say my time as a supply teaching assistant was great and I wish I signed up sooner, rather than later. If you are willing to travel, have the right attitude and dedication, and are always mindful that one placement could always turn into a long-term position, then supply is most definitely for you. I know some people may be reluctant to try new things or maybe it’s the whole thing of going somewhere new where you don’t know anyone? But always remember that everyone has to start off somewhere, and everyone was always ‘new’ once. By signing up with an agency you always have more freedom and choice in where you want to work, and you will have more experience as you can go to a range of establishments, you can get ‘your foot in the door’.

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