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Pressure to close cases?

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As a Social Worker have you ever felt pressured to close a case before you would have ideally liked to? There was an interesting article in Community Care Live recently highlighting that many social workers do feel this sort of pressure and that support is being withdrawn before families are ready to go it alone.

Pressure on resources seems to be at the crux of this and a staggering 70% of Social Workers reported that they did not feel they had enough resources to protect children, the article highlights. How does this compare with your experience and that of your colleagues? Have you ever felt the pressure to reclassify child protection cases as a child in need cases?

A Social Worker said to me a couple of years back:

“I feel like I go into work every day with my hands tied behind my back, I know what I want to do, I know what would help but I don’t have the time to put that into action. For a while, we were putting sticking plasters on situations but we don’t even have time for that now”.

Do you ever find yourself having to justify doing nothing because you don’t have the time to do something?

How much of your career in social care has been a case of too many cases, too much pressure and not enough time?

More importantly…what can be done about this?

Is it simply a case of needing more social workers or more social care staff in general to share the load or is it much more complex than that?