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Social Media, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

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Social Media, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

So this brings me on to my first question, is social media a good thing?

Some people may say that social media platforms have ‘given young people a voice’. Now, when I say this I mean that you get young people who find online gaming or YouTube a place where they can converse with their friends and meet more like-minded and similar people. Yes, if you didn’t already know about this especially the online gaming bit, let me tell you a little more about what happens here. If you are a parent and wonder what your child is doing spending all those hours in their bedroom sat in front of their computer and x-box then listen up. If you have previously watched a BBC 3 documentary about ‘Welsh Gamers’ this gives you a great insight into what the online gaming world is like. Basically, young people can play video games whilst speaking to their friends online (playing against one another). They can then subscribe to YouTube channels or gaming channels where they follow their favourite online gaming ‘star’, watching them playing the video game whilst commenting and posting comments to the host which is apparently deemed a ‘YouTube star’. Society has changed so much in this modern age that some individuals, especially the younger generation, feel better socializing with their friends through social media platforms like gaming. Oh, and how can I forget about FIFA? FIFA is literally taking over the lives of the youth, especially the male youth of today. If you are a parent, aunt, uncle or friend of someone who spends their days screaming in front of the TV or computer whilst playing FIFA then yes, you know the pain that I encounter daily when I come home from work and on the weekends. Sometimes, there is no escape!

Now, I have touched on how social media brings individuals together through gaming platforms but what about the other side of social media, what about the negative impact social media has on individuals and society as a whole?

Let’s first start with the whole craze of Facebook and Instagram. I must admit that I use Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis, but why individuals use these platforms may vary. Some people may use them to promote their business, products and endorsements, whilst others may use the platforms to basically have a gossip, follow their latest celebrity and see what the latest craze is. Most of us can admit to using some type of platforms in this way bit let’s look at it a little more. In regards to the youth of today, I would say that 99% of them use some type of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When most of us were in school there was little use of social media, if any, compared to today. Teens constantly upload what they’re doing, they comment on friends and families posts and it begins to be a type of social media culture they engross themselves in. However, what about the individuals who don’t ‘fit in’ in school? Social media lets you have direct access to an individual where you can post messages directly to them. These could be positive or negative comments either way whoever is on the receiving end of these comments it will have an impact on that individual. If you have seen the Channel 5 documentary “Celeb Trolls: We’re coming to get you” will know exactly what I am referring to here. Indeed, celebrities also get negative and abusive messages sent to them on a daily basis.

So just to briefly sum up the whole social media craze that is currently sweeping the lives of young people; yes it can be good to bring people together through gaming platforms, but when is gaming deemed as too much? It can pose serious health issues and prevents individuals from doing something ‘creative’ with their free time. On the other hand, you’ve got the whole subculture of Facebook and Instagram where individuals don’t even converse with one another anymore because they are constantly on their mobile phones and. it’s an easy way for ‘trolls’ to directly message an individual and bully them via social media.

I have briefly touched upon a few points with social media, there are so many additional things I could divulge into further.

Where do you stand on social media?

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