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Spring cleaning isn’t just for home

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Charlotte Pearson spring cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just for home

If you are anything like me, this time of year is the only time you get a bit excited, OK, maybe not excited, enthusiastic perhaps, about cleaning.

What is it about Spring that sparks the urge to clean?

I’ve been going through a rather radical decluttering process at home recently, having a huge sort out of everything and looking at what can either be sold, donated, recycled or just skipped! Although it is a big job, I’ve come up with an easy approach that means it doesn’t feel overwhelming but still achieves results.

In short, one task a day, every day for a month – before I know it, the whole house will be decluttered, which I know will not only feel hugely satisfying but will also allow me to focus on other things. Being tidy and losing the clutter I find brings clarity.

What on earth has this got to do with work-life though you might ask?

Simple really, spring cleaning isn’t just about home life. I’m not suggesting that you take a duster to the office or anything, although a good way to start would be to ensure your workspace is tidy and clear.

I’m really talking about spring cleaning your approach to work and regaining your focus if you have lost your way a little. This happens to us all. We get bogged down in things and we feel like we are on a treadmill we can’t get off, or fighting a fire we can’t put out.

It’s time to go back to basics. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Clear your workspace, tidy up and get things organised


  • Sort out your inbox – file things in folders and try to keep the inbox only for those things you are dealing with at that moment, this alone can revitalise you


  • Polish up your CV, even if you aren’t applying for anything at the moment, add in the skills you’ve developed, courses you have been on and set yourself a reminder to update it monthly


  • Make things happen – set yourself a list of tasks each day, or each week (whatever works best for you) and try to tick off as many as possible – do make it a manageable list though so you don’t feel too deflated when things don’t go to plan
  • Help someone out – as busy as our days are, try to make time to help a colleague each day, however small a task that is. Deeds like this do wonders for job satisfaction, help others and also mean that you are gaining important skills to support an application for a more senior position in the future
  • Take some initiative – if you have a good idea or suggestion, act on it,  you might be an important catalyst for change


  • Be enthusiastic – although sometimes this is the last thing we feel in our job, try to remember why you do what you do. Sometimes enthusiasm can help with another persons’ motivation

Happy spring cleaning and let us know how you get on!