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The Wonderful World of Blob Trees

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Alex Milakovic supply teaching assistant, education jobs, supply teacher...

What are Blob Trees?

Blob Trees are a fantastic way to get pupils communicating, and they’re simple. The focus is to deal with underlying issues, using the primary language we learn when we are infants, such as your feelings and body language. The great things is, you can use Blob Trees at any age, they’re great!!

So what are the Blobs? The Blobs are neither male nor female, ancient nor modern, young or old, they are outside of culture and they are the best and worst of us. They don’t tell us how or what we should feel, and they don’t tell us what we should or shouldn’t do. Therefore, they purely show us a variety of emotions which we all feel, and what others can feel.

Blobs can be translated in numerous ways, as a result, there is no right and wrong about the Blobs, they are the best and worst of us. For example, if a leader interpreted them in one way (only one way of reading the Blobs) will quickly find out that the rest of their group will become frustrated as they may interpret and read the Blobs in a different way. Consequently, all of us see the world through our own eyes and this relates to how we interpreted the Blobs. If you are working in a group and individuals read the Blobs each in a different way, that’s great, as it allows them to share their feelings and enables them to understand and appreciate each other’s views.

If you have young children you will notice that they usually say one thing and do another. Therefore when they start school, school will encourage them to understand their feelings and how to deal with them. Emotional literacy is self-understanding and it’s a long journey that we take with us throughout life, that’s why Blobs can be used with the elderly. Sometimes it is hard for us to engage in how we’re feeling, how to understand others feelings and why they’re feeling that way, and how sometimes our behaviour and words can impact positively or negatively upon others.

I have used Blob Trees whilst I’ve worked throughout Nurture Bases and Special Schools and the pupils really engage with this resource, and I have seen it been a valuable tool in their understanding of emotions and how they can relate to the Blobs. We currently work with a variety of Nurture Unites and Special Schools they use this resource and our candidates always say how much of a great activity it is.

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