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National Nurses Week

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National Nurses Week 

There are many rewarding professions, ones that make a real difference to those who benefit from their service and without them, life would be very different. But if ever there was a profession that deserved national appreciation, nursing would have to be near the top of the list.

This week, from 5th to the 12th May, is National Nurses Week, with International Nurses Day taking place on Friday 11th May. Nursing staff are health care heroes and are there for us when we need them the most and this is the nation’s chance to say thank you for the work that they do.
We go through life hoping that trips to the hospital or doctors surgery will be few and far between, but in reality, everyone will have to face some time in healthcare, whether directly or a loved one. These times are full of worry and we rely on our nurses for so much. They provide highly skilled medical support and are there to support us emotionally.

There has been a lot said about how care facilities are in desperate need of more nurses. The industry is crying out for dedicated, passionate people looking to pursue or progress in this most rewarding of careers and Vetro Recruitment’s specialist nursing department is on hand to source the very best candidates and pair them up with the right placement for them.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in adult nursing, specialise in child nursing, have an interest in mental health nursing or feel that working with those with learning disabilities is the right direction for you, Vetro Recruitment can help you achieve the perfect placement.

We provide our clients and Nurses a clear and transparent recruitment process and have over 25 years experience of working in the industry. We pride ourselves in sharing our client’s goals and always strive to be open, honest and work together in partnership.

Nursing staff should be appreciated, awareness of what nurses do needs to be increased and the healthcare industry deserves to have the most competent, dedicated and passionate people working in it.

As part of National Nursing Week, Vetro Recruitment will be holding an open house event for Nurses on 5th to 12th May. Why not come in for a coffee, meet Sarah Campbell (RMN), and Julie Connick (RGN RSCN) and the rest of the team. We can support you to find a permanent nursing job, full-time locum shifts or the occasional shift to gain some additional money. We work with the NHS and private hospital across South Wales and the South West.