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Why agency work can be a good option for Newly Qualified Teachers

Newly qualified teacher jobs

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Why Agency Work Can Be A Good Option For Newly Qualified Teachers

Another school year is over and young people all over the country are getting ready to show off what they have learned over the last year. Whether they are in primary or secondary education, children have worked hard throughout the year and so have their teachers and teaching assistants.
Schools are also in the re-evaluation phase and looking at what is the best direction going forward. So, for newly qualified teachers, it is the perfect time to be looking at securing that perfect job and beginning a highly rewarding career in teaching.
There are opportunities in all sectors of education and now is the time for you to get your foot in the door. There are also some great opportunities for teachers to enter the industry via agency work, which will give them a chance to work in different schools and find their feet.
Being a teacher is so much more than planning and conducting lessons. You’re responsible for the social and emotional development of children, as well as managing behaviour and preparing them for life. You’ll communicate with parents and carers to help them understand their child’s development. You’ll work with school boards and inspectors to ensure that high standards are always being met. Teaching is undoubtedly demanding, but undeniably rewarding.

The style of teaching needed, and the layout of your day is completely different depending on the age group that you work with. Very often the year group that you think you want to work with whilst completing your training turns out to be the wrong fit and working through an agency is a great way to experiment and experience each year group to find the right ones for you and your first teaching year.

Let’s not forget about Teaching Assistants either. They are a vital asset to each and every classroom. With class sizes constantly rising, without our TA's many children would be left behind and not able to access the learning with the support they so desperately need despite the teacher’s best efforts.

If you have just graduated or completed your TA training and would like some guidance and support, why not come and meet one of our specialist recruitment consultants. All our team have worked in the education sector as either Teachers or Teaching Assistants, they know the local market and can find you the best teaching opportunities in South Wales.
We are open throughout the summer holidays and would love to meet you. 

Have a look at our live jobs or call us on 02921 660880. Let us help you get the perfect start to your career in teaching.