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Why The Need For Teacher Recruitment Is Higher Than Ever


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Why The Need For Teacher Recruitment Is Higher Than Ever

Further to the BBC's news article today CLICK HERE. A growing population needs teachers in ever-increasing numbers, especially as the challenges of contemporary education change. There are more demands on pupils, schools and their teachers, teaching assistants and SEN workers than ever before. This has led to a spike in recruitment demand for qualified, self-motivated and experienced teachers. 


Teaching Skills Shortage

Sadly, among the growing need for teachers is a scarcity of skills and an exodus of teachers from the profession which threatens to turn a shortage into a recruitment crisis. A report from the Education Ministry cited in the Guardian earlier this year show the government failing to meet its teacher recruitment targets for five successive years. The result is 10,000 fewer secondary and further education teachers hired than are needed – putting greater work pressure on existing teachers.

Improving Pay & Working Environments

Fortunately, publicity surrounding this slump in recruitment has prompted some soul-searching among Educational Trusts and government policymakers. In particular, plans are now being considered to boost recruitment and incentivise existing teachers to stay in the profession. This will hopefully bear fruit in terms of higher wages, better career advancement opportunities and improved working conditions.


Opportunities For Qualified Teachers

If you are a qualified primary, secondary, special needs or FE teacher, your skills are very much in demand these days. If you are considering a new career move within teaching, now is the opportunity to start looking, and a recruitment agency can help you find the right post.

Demand is especially strong for teachers specialising in STEM subjects, including secondary level maths and physics. Career minded teachers are also being sought to apply their skills to deputy head and school head positions.

Pay and conditions are changing for the better in the public sector – slowly but surely. There are also a growing number of opportunities for teachers in the private education and tuition sector. How to make the decision on your next career move? Speak to one of our education recruitment specialists. At Vetro Recruitment we can match your skills, experience and salary requirements to exciting opportunities in your area.

Get in touch by clicking HERE today to get more value and satisfaction from your teaching vocation.