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Boost Your Recruitment Career & Improve Your Lifestyle By Relocating to Cardiff

Boost Your Recruitment Career & Improve Your Lifestyle By Relocating To Cardiff

Alastair Tulloch Recruitment Career

Careers In Recruitment: Relocating To Cardiff

We are currently opening our doors in a search for experienced, self-motivated recruitment consultants to join our team at Vetro Recruitment here in Caerphilly! Applications from local talent are very much welcome but we would also like recruiters based in Bristol and London to consider relocating across the Severn Bridge to South Wales. Our offices are situated in the beautiful and scenic town of Caerphilly, which is just a stone’s throw from the thriving city of Cardiff.

I myself relocated to Cardiff from London three years ago due to needing a larger house for my growing family. At the time the cheapest property that ticked our boxes was £750,000 (now closer to £800,000) – and this was in the suburbs. It was over an hour’s commute on a clear run to where I worked in central London. I now have a 3 bedded house twice the size of my previous property, and it was less than half the price!

We live in a beautiful suburb of Cardiff, it has all the coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, parks, food markets that we had become used to in London, without even having to go into Cardiff city centre. Our family are happy and settled and enjoying all the beautiful local beaches, mountains and forests that South Wales has to offer.

Another of our consultants recently made the same move from Camberley in Surrey. She was a successful recruitment consultant in London but was still unable to get on the property ladder in the capital. Since moving to Wales she has purchased a lovely home a short commute away from the office and her career has gone from strength to strength.

If you are frustrated with high rental and property prices in London and other areas, are fed up with the commute or simply want a change of scene, give Cardiff some thought. Although we are based in Caerphilly, Cardiff offers all of the joys of a city like London without the price tag. There are many great reasons to relocate to Wales and here are just a few.

Reason 1: House Prices

No one needs us to explain that London is an expensive place to live. Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment or house share in zones 1 to 3 is now nearly £1,650 per month. Compare this to a similarly sized city centre apartment in Cardiff, for which you would pay just over £700 per month, a saving of 57%. 

If you are happy renting outside the city centre a one-bedroom apartment costs as little as £525 per month in Cardiff compared with nearly £1,200 for zones 4 to 6 in London, and with a far shorter commute. 2 to 3 bedroom flats in London are even more expensive, costing £2,000-£3,100 per month depending on where you live. Equivalent Cardiff prices are around £860 outside of the city, and £1,200 in the city centre – over 60% cheaper.

When buying a property, the difference is even more pronounced. Purchasing a city centre apartment in London will cost you nearly £13,400 per square metre, compared to £3,250 per square metre in Cardiff - a massive 75.7% difference!
From a property perspective, relocating to Wales makes sound financial sense.

Reason 2: Cost of Living

Not only will you have more money left over in your pocket after moving from London to Cardiff but that money will also go further. For a capital city, Cardiff is extremely cheap. The average weekly household spend is around £385 - lower than the nationwide average of £430.

Reason 3: Quality of Life

What are you going to do with all this spare cash? Cardiff and the surrounding Welsh countryside provide plenty of answers depending on what you like doing. If you enjoy running, hiking, cycling or any other outdoor pursuit, you will love Wales. From Cardiff you are within easy reach of some of the most stunning landscapes in the UK: rolling hills, rugged moorlands, mountains and beautiful coastlines. The city itself also has a thriving nightlife with plenty of bars, pubs, music venues, theatres, the Welsh National Opera, independent art spaces, an exciting pop up food scene and plenty of meet ups and special-interest groups. And don’t forget the sport – Cardiff is the home of Welsh rugby; a premiership football team and the whole city comes alive during international tournaments.

Come & Visit

If you need convincing, why not visit Cardiff yourself? It is less than 2 and a half hours by train or car from London and only around 50 minutes from Bristol (so it is easy to retain links with family and friends!). Come and see what the city has to offer, book a couple of apartment viewings and while you’re here, drop by and speak with us. We’re based in Caerphilly, which is just a few miles outside of Cardiff.

We offer one of the most exciting and rewarding recruitment opportunities in the city with flexible working hours, greater earning potential and the chance of training and career progression. Give us a call on 02921 660 880.