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What Is The Best Way To Start My Career As A Newly Qualified Nurse?

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What Is The Best Way To Start My Career As A Newly Qualified Nurse?

The nursing field is one of the most popular medical professions. Not only will you experience a varied and dynamic work environment, but you have the flexibility to pursue a host of unique fields. Nurses can diversify into oncology, occupational health, midwifery, clinical nursing, or any of dozens of other specialist and highly rewarding fields. As a direct and practical means of helping others, nursing is as rewarding a vocation as they come.

The NHS currently estimates that there are more than 639,000 nurses employed throughout the United Kingdom and this number is on the rise. While the opportunities are extensive, starting off in the right direction is critical if you hope to enjoy a rewarding career. Let's take a look at some tips that can guide you along the way. 

Temporary Work Experience 
Nurses face challenging tasks on a daily basis and surprises await around every corner. This is why many experts recommend becoming employed in a part-time position before entering into full-time work. There are several benefits associated with this approach. First, you can further hone the skills that were learned in a classroom setting. You will likewise find it easier to adjust to a moderate workload. Finally, this type of employment can serve as a valuable reference in the future. 

Embrace the Mentoring Process 
The purpose of a mentor is to provide you with expertise that books and static teaching methods are unable to provide. So, make the most out of this invaluable relationship from the very beginning. Although formal mentors are useful, feel free to seek out informal relationships with colleagues that possess more experience. Every bit of knowledge helps once you become a full-time nurse. 

Registering With A Recruitment Agency
While there are thousands of nursing jobs available across the UK, competition for individual positions is often intense. As opposed to struggling in solitude, take advantage of the experience and advice that professional recruitment firms such as Vetro have to offer. You can be placed in contact with organisations that might have been difficult to find otherwise.

Perhaps more importantly, you will be guided with a sense of transparency along every step of the way. Nursing recruitment firms are powerful career tools and they should always be used when you are entering into the nursing field. 

Whatever your field and career goals, with the right support a fruitful and rewarding career in nursing awaits. Please contact one of our recruitment specialists to find out more and register for nursing opportunities in your area.

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