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Q&A - Picking Up Extra Shifts At Christmas

Vetro Recruitment Christmas Shifts

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Thinking of picking up extra shifts this Christmas?

Vetro answer your most pressing questions 

We know that the festive period can be a wonderful time to spend your downtime with family and friends. But we also know that it’s often the time of year when people look for flexible opportunities to earn a little extra money in preparation for the big day. 

Extra availability of work through the run up to Christmas and throughout the holiday period isn’t exclusive to the retail sectors. Did you know that the care and nursing sectors also look to fill roles in the run up to the festive period?

With the opportunity to part time work, ad-hoc shifts and flexible working hours, the festive period is a great time to look at your availability and reap the benefits. 

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Can Christmas shifts offer flexibility? 

Due to the demand that the festive period puts on businesses, flexible work and ad-hoc shifts are often available. So if you’ve already agreed to attend your neighbours Christmas party and can’t get out of it, it’s likely that you will be able to book extra shifts around it!

Working with an agency over the Christmas period will give you the choice to accept the work that suits you. 

Can I increase my earnings with part time Christmas work? 

Picking up extra Christmas work can be a great way to increase your earnings in preparation for the big day. If you’re looking to earn some extra money in time for Christmas, festive work can be a viable option to help you achieve this. 

Here at Vetro, you are able to pick up as many or as few shifts as you please and can therefore increase the amount on your paycheck at the end of the month. Many of our services also offer increased pay across Christmas Day and New Years Day. 

Vetro Recruitment Christmas Shifts

Will I be able to take part in training as a Christmas temp? 

Many recruitment agencies, including Vetro, offer free training across a variety of sectors and will often put candidates forward if they feel that it is beneficial. As most training provided takes place over the course of one day or a set amount of hours, it can be a great option for those who cannot undertake a full time course elsewhere. 

Training days are often booked in advance and therefore do take place in the months leading up to the festive period. Therefore new candidates can take advantage of these sessions, as long as they are registered prior to the session taking place. 

You may not know, but even if you are only looking for part time Christmas work, Vetro still offer CV and cover letter advice, interview coaching and feedback from each interview and employer.

Will my Christmas job become permanent? 

It is a little known fact that temporary Christmas shifts and working patterns provided by agencies like Vetro can often lead to full time, permanent jobs. This is because candidates who work temporary shifts are able to build up a great working relationship with their employers, can learn how to navigate the company culture and get to know other employees prior to applying for a permanent role within a business. 

If however your new Christmas role is not likely to lead to a full time role, Vetro can still help you find a permanent role whilst offering you temporary work. 

What experience do I need to be successful in a Christmas role?

In many cases you will need to learn on the job, so employers will be looking for staff that can adapt well and work efficiently. Don’t panic if you have no experience as most businesses will provide training or an induction, especially if they’re hiring a large group at once. Employers will typically want to see evidence of you working well as part of a team, providing great customer service, and problem solving.

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Final thoughts 

Picking up extra shifts over the Christmas period can offer: 

  • Flexible working arrangements including ad-hoc shifts and part time work
  • Ability to increase your earnings 
  • Opportunity to develop yourself with training relevant to your sector
  • The possibility of a permanent contract

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