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Getting Into Education: What Qualifications Do I Need?

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Getting Into Education: What Qualifications Do I Need? 


Have you considered a career in education but weren't sure if you were qualified?


Our recruitment consultants often get asked what qualifications and experience a person might need in order to start a career in the education sector. And because we find the information out there to be quite conflicting, we’ve decided to simplify it. 


What qualifications do I need to work in education? 


Starting an education career can feel daunting as there is an assumption that in order to enter into a school you must hold a degree-level education but in some instances, this is not the case. The expected qualifications for a career in education vary greatly and primarily depend on which level of teaching you are looking to move into. There is only one universal requirement for Vetro Education candidates and that is that they are registered with Education Workforce Council (EWC) in order to work within our schools.


For example, here at Vetro, we ask that our teaching assistant candidates have a minimum of 3 months of experience working with children within the last three years. This could be from working in a school or in other contexts such as guides and scouts or coaching a sports team. You will also need an up-to-date and clean DBS certificate and a passion for supporting children. 


For our full time primary and secondary school teaching jobs, we ask that you have Qualified Teacher Status, usually obtained via a teacher training degree or PGCE.


If it’s a further education role you’re looking for, we ask that you have higher education qualifications, preferably a Further Education degree or PGCE and enthusiasm for a specific subject. A depth of knowledge in the subject and relevant curriculum enables you to know how to build good foundations for learning and set developmental expectations for your pupils.


Not only do we offer roles within mainstream school environments but also with special educational needs settings. For SEN roles, we ask that you have experience with supporting children within a mainstream or special educational needs setting and a high level of compassion as the children you will be supporting with have additional needs. SEN applicants also require a minimum of 1-year teaching experience within a school and with a similar age group. 






What qualities do I need to work in Education? 


Although professional qualifications are expected for some educational roles, many schools will also be looking for people who have certain qualities.


Having the ability to convey your knowledge to students in an engaging and understandable way is key when looking at beginning a career in education. Inspirational teachers and staff develop excellent communication skills and can make curriculum understandable for students who have diverse learning styles.

Confidence in your ability and the capacity to be a good role model even when tired and under pressure are desirable skills to have alongside great organisational skills. You will also be expected to show a high level of dedication, commitment and resilience as you may have to adapt your approach by constantly learning and improving.

And possibly most importantly, you will need a good sense of humour.

Vetro Training Courses

If you’re looking to develop your skills and progress into an education job, Vetro Education can offer you the opportunity to undertake one of our incredible training courses. We are currently offering the following: 


  • Cover Supervisor training and upskill for Teaching Assistants
  • Handling Violence & Aggression
  • Safeguarding 1 and 2
  • Quality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Preventing Radicalisation
  • Autism and Aspergers Awareness
  • Health and Safety including Risk Reporting
  • Mental health and Learning Difficulties
  • First Aid Awareness
  • Manual Handling


If you would like a member of the education team to contact you with more information please fill in the form below and will be in touch shortly.

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