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Our Response to COVID-19

Vetro Recruitment

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The Vetro brand was founded to deliver recruitment services in a clear and transparent way using seamless and innovative technology. We are currently experiencing such difficult and unprecedented times with the Novel Coronavirus outbreak and Parliament announce new safety measures daily. 

We wanted to take the opportunity to explain what we are doing, to reassure all of our partners and staff that we are monitoring the situation to adapt to any demands that arise. 


Thank you

Firstly we wish to offer our thanks and gratitude to all for the hard work you are doing through these very worrying times. We appreciate that the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone is paramount, but you face daily threats and challenges working on the frontline yet you continue to deliver high levels of care, support and educational services.


We can help

Because we invested heavily in innovative systems and technology, our team of 30 staff are all able to operate remotely. We have staff working shifts to continue to operate our 24-hour helplines across our Care, Health & Education sectors. We are also active across many mainstream social media platforms for additional communication methods, as well as traditional email and telephone conversations.

Our software investment means we can focus our efforts to find you the best team, with online registrations, compliance and first stage video interviews for fast, efficient and compliant resourcing. We have also adapted our application process to qualify the risk against COVID-19.

Our team are committed and dedicated in supporting you with the demands and challenges that arise during this difficult time, and we are proud of every member of the Vetro family.


Keeping you informed

We remain committed to keeping you up-to-date with all the latest news around Novel Coronavirus and will provide updates via all media platforms as the situation evolves. 


We thank you all for your hard work. Take care.

The Vetro Team