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Top Tips for Video Interviewing

Video Interview

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The COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the nation and during these unprecedented times we are adopting alternative approaches to the way in which we work. Lockdown and social distancing have stopped most face-to-face interviewing but you should not let you put this off applying for that perfect job.

We are fortunate that with advances in technology and the many video conferencing applications, companies have taken to video interviewing to snap up top-tier candidates, striking whilst the iron is hot.

Many of you will be confident around technology and video and might feel at ease with the prospect of a video interview; others of you might hate technology and the camera, and the thought will be filling you with anxiety and dread… 

We appreciate how daunting this experience can be so we have listed our top tips for video interviewing to give you the best possible chance at securing that role.


Always test your technology devices, applications, and skills before the day of your interview. Make sure the camera and microphone are working properly, check your internet connection is stable, test everything, and make sure your device is fully charged. Install any software or applications required for the interview before the day of your interview to ensure no hiccups arise.

The day of your interview, test it all again giving yourself a little time to remain calm under the pressure.


Speak to your recruitment consultant or a good friend and test the video conferencing functionality on a live basis; do a trial run. This is the best way to check the audio in and out is working; you can check the best positioning of the camera and the chair you will be sitting in, and that the camera is also working for both parties.


You want the interviewer to focus on you and you alone. You need to set yourself up in a room with few distractions. Clear space; clean background (no dirty undies lying around you or unmade bed); ideally with a plain wall and natural lighting; no noise distractions so away from children, a window with traffic passing, housemates walking in on you…


If you are using your mobile phone you might consider stopping inbound calls during your interview. For computers or tablets, make sure all other tabs and windows are closed to stop any popup notifications distracting you and place your phone on silent, or better still, leave it in a separate room.


Preempt any questions the interviewer will ask you. Bullet journal some answers to these questions in a notebook and think of some questions in advance that you would like to ask your interviewer. 

Have your notebook, a pen, and a copy of your CV at the desk or table ready for your interview. Have a glass of water close to hand also as taking a sip when you need to collect your thoughts gives you a visible pause.

Log in to the video conference 10 minutes before your interview is scheduled to take place. This will avoid any technical mishaps, you can find the best seating position and camera angle, and it will help you remain calm and composed in advance.


You might be at home but you should still dress appropriately for the interview, as you would do if you were attending a face-to-face interview. It might be tempting to have your lower half in loungewear as on camera, this is unlikely to be seen, but research shows that how you dress can impact your mindset. Dressing for the position you wish to be in will instantly make you feel successful. And wearing clothes a little less comfortable will also stop you from behaving a little too casual.

There are some things to avoid when having a video interview. Bold colours and all-white can cause problems for the interviewer with glare from the screen, whilst patterns and too much jewellery can also cause the interviewer to be distracted.


Remember to treat this interview as you would a face-to-face interview. At your device, do not slouch. Sit so the camera shows you heat to shoulders as this will be the right distance from you to the camera. Make sure the camera is eye-level and remember to talk to the screen and not the camera lens.


Always maintain your posture and try not to fidget too much. Keep hand gestures whilst talking minimal and balance your voice; not too loud that the interviewer has to lower their volume, but not too quiet that you cannot be heard.

Pause between each question to allow the interviewer to take notes. Don’t see the silence as uncomfortable and try to make idle chat. Take notes as you go and not and smile when the interviewer is talking, it shows you are interested and engaged.


Most importantly, try to relax. If you are confident with technology and being comfortable on the camera, try to remember to remain professional and not get too complacent. If you are camera-shy and nervous, try to stay calm and breathe. Address the interviewer and try to forget about the camera. Remember why you want the job and show the interviewer why they should hire you!


Our Consultants at Vetro Recruitment have been conducting video interviews since prior to this Coronavirus pandemic, but so much more since lockdown. We have invested heavily in the right technology for the times as we believe these interviews will continue in this format for a long while yet.

We are here to help you throughout your application process, and companies are still actively recruiting. If you are interested in a new opportunity, don’t hesitate to apply so you don’t lose your perfect role to someone else. This is what one of our candidates had to say about the whole process:

“Working with Vetro was a pleasure from start to finish; Kerry was brilliant to deal with which makes a massive change from the normal agencies. She is friendly, knowledgeable and the whole experience was a pleasure. Due to the current climate, I had to use a video software app for my interview which was very easy to use and if I’m honest helped relieve the normal nerves and pressures that come in a formal interview.”

Browse our jobs now and we do hope we can help you find your perfect role.