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What are the benefits of becoming an agency worker?

Benefits of agency work

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These are certainly challenging times right now, however, some industries such as health, social care, and education are seeing a greater demand for staff and in particular temporary workers during this Coronavirus pandemic.


According to a survey conducted by the REC and KPMG, August showed the steepest increase in temporary hiring activity since December 2018.


There are many opportunities for people looking to become an agency worker. You might just be looking for some extra income around your current role; you might be seeking full-time employment or looking to work in a new sector and need that stepping stone, or quite simply you want a more flexible work-life-balance...


As an agency worker, you can pick and choose when and where you want to work, from long-term placements to ad-hoc shifts, giving you stability or variety, as you desire. You can also manage your finances better by working set hours for lifestyle and then picking up any additional shifts for those all-important occasions. People can work anything from one day a month to full-time contracts.


In becoming an agency worker you can still progress into other areas of work. There is often a multitude of free training or online CPD courses available. Upskilling and the variety of work may open opportunities for you that you might never have considered previously. Quite often, this will lead to offers of permanent employment.


You become a part of the team of the agency you work with. You will get paid via PAYE and often weekly, you will still receive holiday pay and a pension, and there may also be other benefits available, depending on the agency you work with.


If you are looking for a new challenge and considering agency work, contact our team for a general chat to see if this way of life could be for you. Contact us on 02921 660880 or drop us an email at enquiries@vrecruitment.co.uk.