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I have some key skills, but how can I use these to change my career?

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​One thing Covid has allowed many people to do is to reflect on their life and what they might want for their future. A Covid-era impact study found that 61% of women were rethinking their career, and across adults in general, a quarter is considering a career shift.

The Lockdowns, the need to work from home, kids off school… many have been spurred to evaluate their values, lifestyles, and goals. The pandemic has forced people to slow down. Many have considered their own mortality and the age-old saying, “life is short” truly comes into play.

Then there are, of course, those who have sadly found themselves unemployed as an effect of the pandemic, and the industry they have worked in for so many years may still be a long way from recovery.

Working within some of the most rewarding sectors, we have had a surge in people asking for advice on how they can move into the Health & Social Care, and Education sectors. It is not as difficult as many might think, and the demand for these services will be greater than ever.

Whatever your background experience and/or qualifications, you will always have transferable skills. So consider these skills and how can they be used in a completely different job role?

What are your technical skills and learning abilities? Do you thrive with a new challenge? Do you have managerial skills? Have you had to deal with difficult situations and how did you overcome them? What other life experiences could you bring to a new role?

When you know what area of work you want to move into, have a look for some short courses that can help you. Basic understanding and skills of the job will also put you at an advantage.

Tailor your CV to match, so focus on your core attributes and not your past duties, and send a cover letter explaining why you are looking for a new career path.

To work in the Health, Social Care, or Education Sectors, Vetro Recruitment provides training courses to support you. Get in touch with one of our team today to learn more: enquiries@vrecruitment.co.uk or 02921 660880.