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Vetro Recruitment’s Supply Teaching Guide Part 2: Understanding Rates of Pay and Income as a Supply Teacher

  • Date: Jun 12, 2023
  • Author: Alastair Tulloch

Vetro Recruitment’s Supply Teaching Guide Part 2: Understanding Rates of Pay and Income as a Supply Teacher

As a supply teacher, income can be a crucial factor in ensuring financial stability. The unpredictability of assignments and varying pay rates can make it challenging to know exactly how much income to expect from one week to the next. If you choose to work with an agency like Vetro Recruitment, its also crucial that you understand how your tax and National Insurance deductions will work. You should also know how to boost the number of assignments available to you and increase your income potential. The second article in our three-part Supply Teaching Guide explores the topic of supply teacher income and provides insights on how to maximise your earnings and find more fulfilling assignments. 

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Does supply teaching provide a reliable income?

With supply teachers in high demand for the foreseeable future, becoming a supply teaching is a sustainable way to gain valuable experience and earn a good living while maintaining a healthier work life balance.

Pay for supply teachers can vary by region. Longer assignments may come with extra responsibilities that can increase the amount you’ll be paid. Permanent and contracted teachers often work extended hours and receive no extra pay for this, supply teachers, on the other hand, are paid for all the hours they work.

Depending on the assignment, supply teachers received either a daily or hourly rate of pay. These rates can vary hugely depending on the school, academy chain or local education authority (LEA).

At Vetro, we are proud to have been a part of the Welsh Government Framework for Supply Teachers since its conception in 2019. This means that we pay a minimum of M1 (main pay scale 1) rate from day 1 for all qualified teachers. This means as a supply teacher with Vetro you will always be paid fairly, you'll always be paid in line with your contracted colleagues at the same level as you and you'll always know where you are with your finances. 

Understanding Tax and National Insurance Deductions

Managing your tax and national insurance payments as a supply teacher can feel daunting. But whether you work directly with a school or contract assignments through an agency, the process is simple.

Those supply teachers employed directly by a LEA or school will have their tax and national insurance deductions processed automatically through their payment systems.

If you work with an agency these deductions will be managed by agency staff or a nominated umbrella company. 

At Vetro, we manage your payments and deductions.  Our in-house payments team means you don’t have to worry about umbrella fees, and we offer a 24-hour helpline that connects you with a consultant who can offer you any advice and information you need.

How to increase supply teaching opportunities

Making a good impression while on your assignments can go a long way towards building your reputation as a supply teacher. Schools will be more likely to ask for you for subsequent assignments and can increase your chances of receiving longer term temporary roles or a permanent job offer should a position arise.

You can increase your work options by:


Adopting a positive attitude

Schools appreciate flexible and enthusiastic teachers who are committed to making a positive impact on those around them. Demonstrating a can-do mentality and a willingness to adapt to different teaching environments can lead to more work opportunities and recommendations for future assignments.

Making connections

Networking with colleagues and building relationships across different schools can help increase their visibility and boost your reputation. Positive relationships can help make your assignments more fulfilling and make it more likely that others will recommend you for future opportunities. 

Be willing to try a variety of assignments

As you gain experience in different settings, you become more confident in your abilities and more attractive to schools seeking versatile and adaptable teachers. Taking on a variety of assignments can help you develop a range of teaching skills and techniques, which can enhance your teaching practice over time and opening even more doors!

Being prepared to travel within your chosen work area

Being willing to travel significantly expands the pool of schools you’ll be able to work with. Having the flexibility to travel also demonstrates a commitment to the job and a willingness to meet schools' varying needs.

Find your perfect supply teaching role today with Vetro!

We understand the rewards and challenges facing teachers and support staff across the education sector today. If you are considering supply teaching, our consultants can help guide you through the process and match you with assignments that will develop your skills and achieve your goals.

With Vetro Education, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible support, value, and opportunities to succeed in the education sector.

If you'd like more information get in touch or explore our hundreds of live vacancies across the UK.

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