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Recruitment consultant jobs

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Current Opportunities

Since Vetro Recruitment began trading in 2015 we have seen demand for our services increase rapidly. We have forged strong working relationships with our clients and schools and have seen demand for our services increase dramatically. The company has already grown to 24 full-time employees and we need more ambitious people to fill the positions below.

Vetro is a great place to work! We work hard, have fun and develop all our staff to become highly skills recruitment professionals. Check out our latest staff engagement survey results HERE


Digital Marketing Executive  / Senior Digital Marketing Executive 

Recruitment Consultant - Nursing Team

Recruitment Consultant - Primary Education Team

Recruitment Consultant - Secondary Education Team

Trainee Recruitment Consultant - Care Team


Permanent Resourcer - Care Team​​

We are always looking for good people! If you are interested in working for Vetro and can't see a position advertised, please click HERE and send us your CV.


Keep up to date with live vacancies and industry-specific news.

Visit our Blog and find the latest News & Events happening at Vetro Recruitment.

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    Annual V.I.P Trip

    Vetro’s Incredible People (V.I.P) annual trip abroad! Every year we take all our high flyers on an all expenses paid trip abroad. 2019 was a trip to Barcelona, where will we be in 2020?

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    Quarterly Sales Incentives

    A quarterly high performers club which involves a day out celebrating with the Directors. Including activities, great food and an evening of celebration.

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    Uncapped Commission

    Vetro has uncapped commission schemes for all our consultants and managers. There is no limit to how much you can earn and no threshold for the first 6 months.

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    Flexible Hours

    At Vetro, we offer flexible working patterns. We have staff that don't like the morning rush hours and need to pick their kids up from school so they start early and finish early :-)

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    All employees get full access to the world’s leading online recruitment training platform. We also run regular face to face training with external training experts.

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    All our staff are offered a leading pension with Scottish Widows and free access to a pension advisor.
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    Wellness Package

     Healthy breakfast provided by the company. Staff Treats membership including discounted gym membership, access to counselling advice, discounted dental cover, life insurance and much more.

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    Welcome Gift

    When you start with Vetro you get your Vetro welcome pack including a nice pen, Vetro branded gym t-shirt, water bottle and a few other little surprises.

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    Monthly Incentives

    Consultant of the month, Love2Shop voucher and fizz every month to the consultant or consultants who have gone above and beyond that month.

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    Summer Birthday Party

    We always celebrate Vetro’s birthday with a summer party for all of our staff. Hog roast, free bar and competitive games between the offices/divisions!

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    Top Tech!

    All consultants get a lovely Apple iMac, iPhones (where required). We have also invested in the industry-leading CRM enabling you to make more placements faster.

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    Luxury Office Environments

    Our offices have air conditioning, large break out spaces with TV’s, sofas, water coolers, tuck boxes and a free beer fridge (stocked with a variety of alcoholic and none alcoholic drinks).

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    Free Onsite Parking

    We have large onsite parking free for our staff.

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    Opie... The Office Dog

    There is only one Opie….. He has multiple job profiles including security, hoovering unwanted food, therapist and petting corner.

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