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An incredible team with over 200 years' experience across the health, social care, and education sectors, Vetro Recruitment is here to support you. Providing an equal, diverse, and inclusive environment for permanent and temporary role placements, we are clear and transparent in our recruitment services.

Children's Registered Care Home


Supply Teacher


As a regional manager responsible for nine registered children's homes, I was having difficulty with recruitment in the region. Alex has been an exceptional asset with assisting me to recruit passionate and experi...

Regional Manager, Keys Group

Vetro Recruitment has been working with us for a number of years as a supplier of temporary staff to a number of our services around the country. They have helped provision our services with skilled, honest a...

Group Agency Manager, Priory Group

"Vetro has shown a real interest in what we do as a business and worked with us to understand what type of person would be a good fit for our company.  They understand the complexities of our organisation and find the t...

HR Manager

The school is now in its 3rd year with Vetro Recruitment.

My main point of contact with Vetro is Mr Ross Harries. Ross provides an excellent service to the school and is always available to be contacted. This coul...

Deputy Head