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Our Commitment to Sustainability, Equality, Diversity, and the Community

Vetro Recruitment is committed to expanding the reach of our social responsibility via collaboration and community engagement. Working in the sectors we do, we see the challenges faced by many, and so we are proud of our inclusive policies.

So what does this actually mean and why does it matter?

At Vetro Recruitment we appreciate the importance of supporting our local communities. Our areas of expertise are within the health, social care, and education sectors. Each of these industries has a duty of care to others. All the candidates we work with, undertake roles that are rewarding, and each person plays a crucial role in supporting others. 

We have adopted the same work culture influenced by our sectors for supporting the social impact agenda. Working with our local communities allows us to really make a difference to those around us. 

Read on to find out more about the partnerships that we have formed, and some of the amazing results that have arisen along the way. 


With our Head Office based in Caerphilly, we are proud to be an Official Sponsor for Caerphilly RFC. Rugby is at the heart of most communities in Wales, so being a sponsor not only provides an income avenue to the club, but further business growth and visibility for us both across the local community, and supports the importance of sport from young children to adults. Gareth Ashman from Caerphilly RFC talks with so much passion and conviction for his club. He believes there are many wider benefits that sport provides to the wider community, in particular, "a sense of belonging, lifelong friendships, and a community to fall back on in difficult times."Caerphilly RFC

As a sponsor, we can access the Club for our key events and it is great to be able to reward our clients and candidates with trips out to the rugby, be it local level or national.

Gareth concludes by saying,

"Vetro Recruitment has helped us to build this community. You were the first new sponsor of the revitalised club and having you by our side has been a pleasure."

Vetro Stadium

Diversity | Equality | Inclusion

At Vetro Recruitment we ensure our work culture is diverse, equal, and inclusive. We have invested in our people and our IT infrastructure to provide high-end resources and systems to allow for personal development, to make us accessible to all, and to support our clients and candidates at the best of our ability. You can see some of our recent collaborations here. If you would love to work with us at Vetro Recruitment, please get in touch with us today. We would love to hear from you.


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Here at Vetro, we are dedicated to ensuring that attitudes towards bullying are changed and support and educational resources are available for those who have suffered from bullying. Because of this, our chosen charity is BulliesOut. 

Established in May 2006, BulliesOut is one of the UK’s most dedicated and ambitious anti-bullying charities. Their award-winning work is delivered across the UK and each year, through work with schools, colleges, youth, and community settings, they provide education, training, and support to thousands of young people.

Through innovative, interactive workshops and training programmes, BulliesOut uses experience, energy, and passion to focus on awareness, prevention, building empathy, and positive peer relationships all of which are crucial in creating a nurturing environment in which young people and staff can thrive.

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