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Q&A with a UK Nurse working in Australia

UK Nurse working in SydneyUK Nurse working in Australia

How did you get your Visa?

I came to Australia on a working holiday Visa, this was probably the easiest step for me, I used a website called www.visabureau.com who sorted everything for me right down to my Tax File Number and Superannuation number (something I didn't know anything about initially), they are two things you must have in order to be able to work in Australia!

I am currently still on a working holiday visa, however, I am in the process of being sponsored so I don't have to do the 'farm work'. Sponsorship for nurses is very likely, so if you want it, ask your employer as soon as possible, don't hesitate!

How did you get your registration in place?

This was the most difficult process for me, if I can give you any advice at all it is to start the application at least 6 months before you plan to arrive in Australia. The AHPRA are incredibly thorough and will no doubt send it back with questions. AHPRA require the form to be printed and handwritten - the form is AGOS - 40, this is for internationally qualified Nurses.

Make sure you read the form thoroughly before completing it. The most difficult was the statement of service for me, for every employer you document of the form you need a statement of service. AHPRA want these in as much detail as possible from dates worked, salary, hours worked in total, roles and responsibilities and the HR managers signature or service managers signature.

Also, be sure to get all of your documents certified - Notary public is a guaranteed winner so I would find one of them. It's lengthy and difficult, you will be assigned an assessor - sometimes they are helpful and will respond to questions by email but if not give AHPRA a call, the staff are helpful too!

How was the move itself?

Well because I left my form quite late (I didn't realise how long it would take), I was stuck in Sydney with no AHPRA registration for around 4 months; however once my registration came through it was pretty easy after that.  I signed up to a few agencies but Limelight People was definitely the winner for me, a lady called Kate helped me very much. I told her specifically the job i wanted and she went above and beyond to find me that job - Which I absolutely love.

Once you have your AHPRA reg there's no stopping you!

What one tip would you give anyone moving?

If you want to save up some money whilst working; northern territory offers the highest rate of pay in Australia.

So if you're a UK nurse wanting to work in Australia, contact Vetro today. 

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