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Advantages of choosing agency work in social care

  • Date: May 03, 2023
  • Author: Alastair Tulloch

As a social care professional, you are likely aware of the many challenges and rewards that come with working in this field. Whether you are interested in adult social care, children's support work, or care management, there is no shortage of opportunities to make a meaningful difference in people's lives.  

However, for many social care professionals, finding the right role can be a challenge. This is where agency work comes in. With a wide range of assignments available across the social care sector, agency work can provide plenty of benefits to social care professionals looking to build their careers and make a difference in the lives of those they support, including: 

  • Flexibility  

As an agency care worker, you can choose to work part-time or full-time hours, work weekends or evenings, or select assignments that are closer to your home or better suit your availability. This can be particularly beneficial if you need to balance your work with caring for family members or other personal commitments. Increased flexibility can even help you reduce the time and money you spend on commuting or take on assignments that suit your specific areas of interest or expertise. 

  • Variety  

If you are looking to develop your skills and broaden your experience quickly, traditional full time social care work can only offer so much. Agency work means you work on a range of assignments in a variety of different environments and businesses allowing you to build a skill set that is highly adaptable to different contexts and challenges as well as develop a deeper understanding of the social care sector and your own interests and passions. Agency work can also help you connect with others and build a network that can lead to further opportunities for assignments and advancement. 

  • Higher pay 

Agency workers sometimes earn higher rates of pay compared to their permanent counterparts, especially if they possess specialist skills or experience. That flexibility to pick up extra shifts can also impact your earnings especially as working with an employment agency or recruitment service mean social care workers can expect to receive a minimum wage or higher, as well as paid holiday and statutory sick pay coupled with greater autonomy and control over your working hours. 

  • Professional development 

The broad experience you gain from agency work can help social care workers to develop their expertise and build their confidence in the field, making them more attractive candidates for permanent positions. Agency work can also provide opportunities for you to build a wider network of contacts, from other agency professionals to those working in different areas of social care, which can help to open doors to new career opportunities in the future. 

  • A bridge to permanent work  

Not everyone considering agency work is looking for full time employment. But if you are and have faced challenges securing one, agency work can offer a valuable pathway to gain experience and build networks in the sector. Taking an agency assignment means you can work with different organizations and individuals, learn about best practices in the field, and gain exposure to a range of environments and situations. Making you a more competitive candidate for permanent social care positions in the future, while also allowing you to earn a wage and develop your skills in the meantime. 

Working with Vetro Care you can tap into all these benefits and more. 

Benefits of becoming a social care agency worker with Vetro 

In addition to the many benefits of agency work we offer a range of support services, tools, and training to help social care professionals succeed. Alongside these support services, we offer a range of other perks and benefits such as: 

  •  Career Toolkit

Whether you are just beginning your career or are re-entering the workforce we offer CV and interview advice to help you secure your assignments and resources designed to support you in providing the best level of service for all. 

  • Training and development

At Vetro we offer some of the best training and development opportunities around. With us you can access 20+ CPD accredited courses as well as safeguarding, healthcare and compliance training that ensures you are fully prepared for your role. You can even access our BILD accredited and PMVA training at a fraction of the cost. 

  • Competitive Weekly Pay 

We’re committed to providing competitive weekly pay for all our agency roles, ensuring that our social care professionals are fairly compensated for their hard work and dedication. Choose to accrue your holiday or have it paid out weekly. Additionally, our in-house payroll team means no umbrella fees or additional costs, ever! 

  •  Mobile App 

Our dedicated app means you can book shifts, find information on your next assignment, manage your calendar, log your preferences, and pick up extra work quickly and conveniently on your phone. 

  • £500 Golden Ticket Draw 

All our agency workers receive entry into our Golden Ticket draw to win £500! For every 150 hours worked you’ll gain a ticket, with no limit on the number of entries you can accumulate. The draw takes place every 13 weeks and is open to all our sectors.  

  • Nursing and Care Candidate of the Month 

Every month we select one of our exceptional nursing professionals as our Nursing and Care Candidate of the Month. Winners receive £50 of high street vouchers. 

  • Referral Scheme 

Exceptional people know exceptional people. Which is why you can earn high street vouchers for every referral you make, up to £500 worth, as a thank you. 

  • 24/7 Support 

We want you to feel supported. Which is why your personal Recruitment Consultant is always on hand to help you navigate your assignments and offer advice thanks to our out of hours emergency service, manned after office hours, 7 days a week. 

With Vetro, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible support, value, and opportunities to succeed as an agency worker in the social care sector. 

Agency work isn’t for everyone, but many people find balance and opportunity by working for an agency. Perhaps you are looking for a career change, re-entering the workforce or have just completed your training and are looking to add experience to your CV? If so, Vetro have a team of consultants who can take you through the process.  
If you'd like more information on how Vetro could help you find meaningful agency work in social care, get in touch or explore our hundreds of live vacancies across the UK. 

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