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Self-care for teachers: 5 tips for the summer holidays

  • Date: Aug 16, 2022
  • Author: Alastair Tulloch
  • Tags: Education,Education jobs,tips for teachers,Vetro Recruitment

Your mind and your energy are the tools of your trade. Now more than ever, taking care of them is part of doing your best work. Our guide ‘self-care for teachers’ aims to help you come back from your summer holiday refreshed and ready to inspire your students. 

1. Phones off, please! 

Excessive screen time impacts teachers much like it does students. When it comes to self-care for teachers stepping away from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok is essential; if quitting entirely feels daunting, explore your phone's settings to establish app time limits. Embracing this practice can facilitate relaxation, help realign your focus on core objectives, and enable you to appreciate the positives in your surroundings, all while avoiding the trap of unfavourable self-comparisons. 

2. Reconnect 

Don’t just disconnect from social media–reconnect with people who are important to you in real life. The emotional, intellectual and physical demands of teaching are intense and can leave us with little time and energy for our existing relationships, let alone developing new ones. Summer is a great time to redress the balance. Call a friend, arrange a date, or book a class you’ve always wanted to try. 

3. Declutter 

Clearing up your space can help you clear your mind and boost your wellbeing. Give the room you spend most time in at home a once-over or give yourself a fresh start for the new school year by clearing your desk at work before you leave for summer. Look at everything you find and ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last few months. Is it useful? Does it bring you joy? If not, put it in a box for the charity shop or eBay. 

4. Give yourself a break 

You can go on holiday without leaving home. Carve out a week, a day, or just an afternoon to do the things you’d like to do on holiday, alone or with family. Prep your favourite food and drink the day before, pick out your holiday outfit, pack your favourite book, head to the local park, tourist attraction, or even your back garden, and get your holiday mood on. 

5. Find the balance 

The most important wellbeing tip is to find balance in your life. What are your priorities? Are rest and fun on your priority list? How are you dividing your time and energy between the people and things that matter to you? Use your summer break to reflect, refresh yourself, and redress the balance. 

Self-care resources for teachers 

A plethora of valuable resources are available to help teachers sustain their well-being and effectiveness in the classroom.  

From mindfulness and meditation apps that help manage stress to online communities where teachers can share experiences and advice, the digital age offers an array of tools for self-care. Additionally, engaging in professional development workshops, attending wellness seminars, and utilising lesson planning templates can streamline workloads and provide more time for personal rejuvenation.  

By tapping into these resources, teachers can create a harmonious balance between their professional and personal lives, ensuring they have the energy and resilience needed to nurture both their students' growth and their own. 

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